Passion for Music. Obsession with Perfection.

We believe there's no such thing as a viable shortcut in the pursuit of a passion. We are all music and technology enthusiasts here at MECHEN, we go to great lengths to ensure the final version is everything we dreamed it could be … and everything our customers expect it to be.

Before we dive ourselves into the MP3 industry, we did some survey to check why people love MP3 since they have mobile phones to play music, below are the answers:

1. Don't want to be tethered to the mobile phones all the time.


2. Just want the enjoyment of having a device that’s solely dedicated to playing great quality audio.


3. Listen to music when you’re working out, or on-the-go without risking the safety of the phone.


4. Don’t want school kids to have unfettered access to a tablet or phone with other games and apps. Parents prefer a dedicated MP3 player with a touchscreen that is locked down to specific playlists, albums and artists, and that is simple and easy to use.

All the reasons above strive us to work harder to design a dedicated MP3 player for them, to solve the problems and enhance their happiness.

Our mission is - making your music enjoyable! We believe we will make it!